Hello Sunday readers,

Relationships link us together.  Even with the diversity of the resident
goldsmiths at Jewel Envy, we are drawn together by high minded ideas such as
design and the everyday pleasure of working side-by-side. 
One of these incredible, talented goldsmiths is Judith
Noldin.  From the first day she joined
the studio, I noticed that she is a great soul–and this translates into her
work.  Judith’s proficiency goes from music to the
most complicated repair to the most gorgeous piece of jewelry.
A great example of her incredible work is this pendant with
a hidden coral in a drum with a black pearl. Don’t miss the cut-out detailing.
She works with unusual stones, as you can see in the two next rings.
Both in 18 karats gold, one with a green-red Lakeshore gem and the other with an Snowflake Obsidian gem.
They are simple, delicate and classic. 
If they speak to you, drop in and try them to indulge yourself.
Have a great Sunday!

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