Hola Helena!!

Hey guys! Today there’s a bit of a goldsmith spotlight on one of our goldsmiths here at the studio, Helena Perez Lafaurie. She works primarily in sterling silver, and her work ranges from chunky and textured to delicate and fanciful.
Here are some of her lovely pieces that you might not have seen before.
Remember how I said chunky and textured??! The large and in charge ring on the left is just the perfect example of this. It is a statement piece, but not too overwhelming that you can’t wear it on the daily. The ring has a split on the back side too, which makes the ring slightly adjustable, and much more comfortable. It will develop a wonderful contrasting patina over time as well, and really emphasize the texture. This ring is a great contrast to the simpler, and more classic style of the wedding bands.
And now for the delicate and fanciful. I guess this stylized bow necklace isn’t overly delicate, but it is more feminine and it definitely strikes me as fanciful:)) There is little stone offset, in the perfect shade of purple. 

And now these pearl cone earrings. The angular and geometric shape of the cones have been softened by the more natural edges curling away to reveal the pretty pearls. The cones have gold wire wrapping as well, which serve as a great contrast in colour, and add a lot of texture and depth.
Helena has a lot more on display here at the studio, so make sure to stop by and take a look at her work! Of course, she is always happy to discuss custom work as well:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope to see you soon!

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