Save or Splurge! At Jewel Envy

 If I had a million dollars…

I would buy every piece of art jewellery I fell in love with.  And trust me that’s a lot of jewellery! 

Luckily many goldsmiths and ALL of our resident goldsmiths at Jewel Envy have grand statement pieces that you can splurge on and more economical versions of the same work that you can save on (and saving money means more money for art jewellery!)

With the wealth of choices between save and splurge items at Jewel Envy, you will never have to do without! Take a look at goldsmith Tammy McClennan’s incredible hollow form and powder coated necklaces below. You can make a statement with the trityptic of powder-coated brass and wood or quieter statement with Tammy’s  pebble-shaped, powder-coated brass necklace.