It is I! The new co-op student!

Most of you probably do not know me but my name is Laura and I have recently become a co-op student here at Jewel Envy. I have been studying all forms of design in high school for the past three years and have always found jewellery to be my favorite. My school is self-directed and because of that we have an art program like no other! I have done everything from cuttlefish casting to bezel setting but I still have so much to learn. That’s why when the opportunity came up to do a placement at Jewel Envy I took it and started the next week. My placement so far has exceeded my expectations. Yes, I have to do jobs like cleaning and accounting (awful!) but I also have been able to carve a ring out of wax for the first time and observe all the wonderful designers here at work.

Last week I assisted Gillian at the One of a Kind Craft Show. I had never realised how difficult it was to be a vendor until I was sitting behind that table. I was only there for three days and even though I wasnt there until closing I was exhausted. I don’t know how you did it Gillian!

Well I should be going but hopefully I will see you at the studio party this week. Bye! 

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