Lapis Lazuli

Blue is one of my favourite colours, and of all the blue stones, I’m currently enamored of lapis lazuli. One of our resident goldsmiths, Shafiq, has some lovely lapis, which he cuts, shapes and polishes himself, before incorporating it into his jewellery.

Artifacts of lapis have been found that are as old as the 7th century BC, and during the middle ages, it was used ground up to make ultramarine paint pigment, the most expensive of all blue paint hues! The largest source of lapis is Afghanistan, and it yields lovely pyrite (which is gold coloured) included stones, like this example from Shafiq’s collection.

Lapis Lazuli “bird” set in a sterling silver brooch.

What’s your favourite colour of stone? Whatever it is, you’re sure to find some beautiful examples in the studio. Wander in if you’re passing by and see!

Robin (House of Cassady)

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