Let me introduce myself!

Well hello there! I should introduce myself, I’m the new intern here at Jewel Envy and my name’s Linnea. I’m here from 1-6pm Tuesdays,Thursdays and Fridays and occasionally Wednesday mornings so feel free to say hi if you stop by, though I am kept pretty busy. 
So, a bit about me. I love all kinds of art, especially jewellery, since a young age. I’ve taken short classes in wire jewellery, casting, gem cutting, setting and chain designs. I have a particular love of Celtic and Norse inspiration but anything that shines or sparkles makes my day.
While working here I will post on the blog, do updates behind-the-scenes and help out the goldsmiths with some of the in-between steps like filing and emerying which takes a long time but is actually one of my favourite parts of the process.
That’s all for now, -Linnea

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