Spring is in the air!

Well, it’s officially spring. (Although if you live on the east coast you’d never know it!)

With the warmer weather people start thinking about romantic ways to propose to their sweethearts. If you’re unsure of what to do, I recommend a picnic, but wait until the April showers are over! That means there is plenty of time to have a special engagement ring made. Here at Jewel Envy, we specialize in extraordinary designs and meaningful custom work. If you are having a hard time deciding how to turn your idea into a ring, come on in and talk to one of the goldsmiths. We will take care of you, and make sure that you propose with the perfect ring that you’ll both cherish forever.

Here are a few engagement rings that you’ll find in store.

Sweet and dainty engagement ring by Amanda Henderson of Jewelust

Classic bezel design by Lauren Hanham Designs.

Classic bezel setting with linear details by Sasha Oda of Archerade.

Like the design of a ring in the store, but want to customize the stones and metal? We can do that!

White gold and blue topaz ring by Sasha Oda of Archerade

Or maybe you want a completely new and unique design, like your beloved? We can do that too!

White gold branch ring made by Amanda Henderson of Jewelust.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas. If you just have questions about all of the options out there (and we know, there’s a lot and it can be overwhelming!), just give us a call or stop in and we’ll give you our advice and share our knowledge.

Happy spring!

P.S. To all of our friends still shoveling snow, I’m sending you sunny thoughts.

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