New Online Shop Items!

You may have noticed we have been quietly adding new items to our online shop. Well, I’m not gonna be quiet about it anymore! We are excited to be having more people back into the studio, but want to continue to offer customers ways to shop from the comfort of their home.

Maybe you have visited us in person and saw something that you were hoping to shop online or browsed our goldsmiths and wondered if they would add a certain item… Please let us know, we are working on expanding our online offerings with a mix of limited production and one of a kind pieces.

Tanzanite Leaf Necklace by Handmade Revolution’s Aurora Simmons.
Purple Poppy Ring by Frekkel Deisgn’s Jennifer Trotman
Paper Clip Drop Necklace by Urban Metal’s Jerell Reichert
Hollow Petal Earrings by Naty Naranjo Jewellery
M Form Pendant by House of Cassady’s Robin Cassady-Cain available with your colour choice
Filigree Flower Earrings by Shafiq Sarwari

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