Why high-polishing is important?

Ring by Jingming Li

Polishing is the fine grinding of the surface of jewellery to obtain a mirror-like surface. It would make the outline of the jewellery smoother and every detail perfectly. In another word, polishing is an artistic process of balance, harmony and achievement.

Ring by Rex Feng

The original surface of metal jewelry is very rough, the scratches of the sand bottom, as well as the drilling marks on the edge of the hole, the shovel marks on the trimming edge, and the fixture when milling the hole. These small imperfections must be polished to reveal they are of natural value. 

Pendent by Natalia Naranjo

At present, the main precious metals inlaid with jewellery and diamonds are 18K gold, 14K gold and platinum. Most of these precious metals are mechanically polished, which is also the most important part of the jewellery surface treatment process. The polished jewellery surface should be extremely bright and give people dazzling beauty.

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