Roncy Rocks Casting Class

For those of you not in the know, last weekend there was a street festival in Roncesvalles called Roncy Rocks.  There were street vendors, artists, magicians, musicians, you name it.  Here at Jewel Envy, we offered a free wax carving demo in the sweet summer sunshine.  A few participants, Courtney, Patricia, and Vida, opted to have their pieces cast in silver, and then came in today for a 1-day workshop to clean it all up to a polish.
Below is an image of Courtney, hard at work.  Her finished piece is a pendant with a jump-ring bail, hanging on a lilac cord.  The pattern she carved on the front is perfectly complemented by the diamond-shape, if you ask me.  It turned out fantastic!
This is Patricia.  She decided to make a ring for herself, which is one of my favourite things to do too:)  The ring looks fantastic on her hand, doesn’t it?!  And see what a difference a polish can do, if you just sneak a peek at the middle image of the work in progress.
Last but definitely not least, here is Vida.  She was VERY motivated and completed two pieces, but here I am showcasing her ring.  She added three pieces of amber to the ring, for the perfect combination of colour and eye-catching design.  So unique and pretty!
Ladies, your pieces were amazing, you are amazing, everything is amazing!