Spotlight on HYEWON JANG

Today is Artist spotlight on a beautiful person, artist Hyewon Jang,

Hyewon is originally from Korea , but a true world travelers. There is a little “je ne sais quoi” that is very feminine and delicate in her work that shows her full attention to details and dedication to beauty in it’s pure form. She works discreetly with intensity and suddenly unknown to other artists in the studio, unveils the most amazing jewellery to adorn women in an effortless class!

These being said Hyewon jewellery also reflect her strong personality and inspiration from her travels including some pieces inspired by buildings around the world.


See for yourself….

I am particularly sensitive to her rings representing the Eiffel Tower as well as the Sydney Opera house having lived in both these beautiful cities myself.

Looking forward to see her next pieces as Hyewon never fails to amaze me with her talent!

Come and see some more of her jewellery at Jewel Envy and you might take one home with you! I would certainly recommend it!

Ivane Thiebaut

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