Spotlight on Jewel Envy’s newest jeweller!

Welcome to Ivane Thiebaut!
She is an international goldsmith extraordinaire, who has joined us here in the studio via France. Ooh la la! Her work is feminine, without being overly delicate, and draws a lot of inspiration from nature. 
Here are my favourite pieces:
 How great is this?! I am a huge fan of torcs and collars, so no surprise that this appeals to me. But the lovely asymmetry, and the way it curves so gracefully around the neck – it probably appeals to you too!

Love this ring. It is very comfortable on the finger, and the little flash of green is perfect for spring. I also really enjoy the shape of the ring itself, a little bit unexpected but it works so well.
I encourage you all to come in and see these beauties for yourself! You might get lucky and see Ivane herself, working on new pieces just for you.
Have a great evening everyone!