This week’s Artist Spotlight: Gillian Batcher!

Gillian has an incredible portfolio of work spanning multiple styles: from pieces inspired by Textiles and Art Nouveau, to her Twig and Pebble collections.

With the textile theme, this line is made using traditional techniques using precious
metals. Pieces are knit, crochet and woven with gemstones added as
In the Twig collection, the pieces overlap and flow while keeping a delicate and light look, like the cuff below!
With the Pebble style, each piece has a unique blend of textures, colours and accents!  Try out the rings, one of a kind with personality!
Lastly, with Art Nouveau These pieces incorporate
traditional icons from this time period like flowers and birds but
with a modern twist in the way they are represented and combined with
gemstones. The line is available in sterling silver and gold with a
variety of uniquely cut gemstones.


Each piece by itself is it’s own unique and powerful statement, and as a whole they represent a collection of exceptional quality and artistic talent: definitely an inspiration to a fledgling smith like myself!