Spring is here again!

Hello Sunday Readers,
work on Thursday at the stop light of Bloor and Dufferin I saw a group
of boys playing soccer, they were wearing shorts and T-shirts. It was 6
pm; only one thing came to my mind; Spring is here at last! Even if the day was gloomy and cold there was something inside every
one of us that felt different, the incredible feeling of blue skies,
sunny days, picnics in the park, kids on the streets.
If this country were warm all year around, we will be in heaven!
is the most important season of all,  the people smile again,
the music is loud, the ice cream’s stores are open, the kids run in the
parks, the lights are bright. Life is back again with
all its force!
Welcome to outdoors, to fun, family and friends, to relive again after months trying hard to keep going.
I hope Spring means even more to you all.



Jewel Envy and its team wish you a beautiful Spring!
Come to visit us at Jewel Envy, we can make your Spring even brighter!
Have a nice Sunday