From an Interns Perspective

Hi, my name is Ellen and I am an intern at Jewel Envy. I study Fashion Business Industry in George Brown College and I am taking jewellery classes through continuing education. Working at Jewel Envy have taught me lots in various aspects, such as different techniques, maintenance, working style of different designers and my working style. Some techniques I have learned include wire production, gold plating and I also got to use a laser welding machine for the first time here!

I had an opportunity to work for other designers while working at Jewel Envy and it was a great exposure to different aesthetics of work.  Working for different designers meant different work styles, which I was glad to experience because I would be more flexible working for other designers in the future. Of course, there were times I did not feel as good as other days but I have learned to count these times as an experience and it is another step for me to walk out further.

I am more than grateful that I have started my journey in Jewel Envy, with great people who make beautiful work. This is my last semester at George Brown College, and I am happy to conclude my college years with Jewel Envy. I will definitely keep in touch and hoping to introduce myself as an experienced goldsmith next time. Wish me luck!