Spring Special Event Sunday!

Jewel Envy LOVES Special Events!

We at Jewel Envy are always looking for special ways to make our customers happy–from learning how to make your own jewellery in our classes, to redesigning that special heirloom piece into your very own special jewellery, to repairing your most cherished, favourite piece so you can wear it again, to offering you unique one-of-a-kind, handmade jewellery! 

This spring we wanted to offer you even more!  Now you can shop our select collections online!  Each month we will be offering our customers a different featured collection to purchase online.  Just point your browser to the “Shop” on our website, and voila!  Shop the featured collection!!

This month, we are featuring the  “Branch Collection” by  Micheline Roi of atelier J contemporary jewelry (that’s me!).

Sterling silver and coral bead branch- $175 plus HST. Illustration by Alexis Kostuk with photo by Paul Ambtman.

 Developing the branch line was a wonderful AND NEW process for me.  The design developed organically without a lot of mediation.  By nature I am a planner, I like to think, analyze, critique and then start work. But in this branch series, I let the material lead the creative process.

Powder-coated sterling silver with a white cultured pearl- $200 plus HST. Illustration and photography by Alexis Kostuk.

The design started with the gemstone on the uppermost curved silver rod.  This original section was left alone for a couple of weeks and in the interim, smaller, curved pieces of silver rod from another piece I was working on were floating around my jewellery bench.  On a whim, I started playing with arranging these pieces with the original section–hoping some pleasing form would present itself.  And it did!  Suddenly the branch form was there.  Who knows where these ideas come from–maybe from all those hours staring out of my studio window at my branches of my garden’s tress?

24k-gold-plated sterling silver with a turquoise gemstone- $200 plus HST. Illustration by Alexis Kostuk with photo by Paul Ambtman.

What better time than Spring to add a nature-inspired piece to your own collection?  AND you don’t even have to leave your house to do it!  ūüėČ  Just point your browser to the “Shop” on our website, and voila! You can make one of these wonderful nature-inspired branches your very own!

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Happy shopping!


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