Story Time Part IV Wrap Up!

Now that you have read about Eric’s past, his love of jewellery, his loves of flames lets tie it all together with the explanation of why Jewel Envy felt compelled to promote him and this epic journey by starting with Eric’s personal recollection of how he became acquainted with Jewel Envy.

Eric Petersen first met Gillian Batcher (Jewel Envy’s founder) while he was working at Zilberschmuck Art + Jewellery, a former gallery for Canadian jewellery artists. In fact, Gillian was the first person, outside of jewellery school, with whom he connected with.

They’ve kept an eye on each other’s career’s ever since, Petersen was present for the grand opening of Jewel Envy and other events and he has admired Gillian from afar, for her support of local jewellery artists, her drive, and brilliant business acumen. Not to mention the blue house!

15 years later, their professional admiration for each other is going strong, showing love on social media and Petersen was thrilled that Batcher saw the vision, or “the light” some might say, of his latest venture- a luxury scented candle made by master perfumers in Grasse, France – a nod to nature, nostalgia, his personal past, as well as his utmost appreciation for quality made goods.

Petersen is thrilled to have Jewel Envy’s support as a stockist and hopes his candle will bring light into people’s lives in the same way that Batcher and Jewel Envy have brought light to countless couples and individuals. The fire is lit, let there be light!

How wonderful for paths to cross at the beginning of a career and continue to Cris-cross until an opportunity to work together is presented.

“I recall meeting Eric at the Zilberschmuck opening. I was impressed with his work and fearlessness to share parts of himself that could have been kept private. In making them public the shared information showed his depth of strength and drive. Eric has also been able to embrace and appreciate all of life’s moments, big and small, and always looks towards a bright future. I see the light reflected in his eyes and have been watching the passion burn. I am so excited to be able to support him and represent his latest luxury item and know it will just be one of many products he brings to market throughout his career”.

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