A Sunday with ChiaChien

Time flies. It is February!!! The opening for student exhibition was successful on Friday night. I am proud of them how creative and well craftsmanship they are.

This is what I did in studio on Sunday which is a day for sleep in. Tube Setting! Here are the basic tools you will be needed. A setting bur, burnisher, wax and magnify goggle. When choosing the right size of stone, it is always better to have it at least .5mm smaller than the tubing. Therefore, there will be enough space and metal
for covering the girdle of stone, and then your stone is set!
Even though I have several experiences of stone setting, I am still always nervous while doing it.It requires a lot of practice in order to become precise and clean without creating scratches on stone. I prefer using protoplast while setting stone. It is very hard like a rock when it’s cool but easily soften with hot water. You are able to shape it into anything while it’s soft just like clay.
Okay ~ I have to go back to work and finish all the setting. Hopefully I can have it done by this week!

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