Switching Hats This Week

As small business owners we have to wear a lot of hats to accomplish our goals. We need to make our product, market it, network, do accounting, forecasting and so much more. This past week I decided to embark on a new mission and write an e-book.

This might seem like a great departure but it really falls under the marketing of small business products as well as networking. I am always looking for new ways to expand my network and reach new customers. To do so, I read blogs, subscribe to small business marketing tips, listen to lectures and I also have an action plan for implementing new ideas every week.

Two weeks ago at the Metal Arts Guild of Canada’s AGM we were lucky enough to have Taner Kilicarslan of www.74by2 as our special guest speaker. The topic was how to make social networking and internet marketing work for you. One of his suggestions was write an informative e-book and give it away as new people sign up for your mailing list. Now this tactic was not news to me as Manta tips have been telling me this for a while now, but his presentation did drive the message home.

So I thought, I have a wealth of knowledge about jewellery, what can I share that others might be interested in? I sat down and began writing a book about caring for your jewellery. I am currently in the editing stages of, but it should be ready for free downloading this winter on the Jewel Envy website. It includes easy care to keep your pieces looking fabulous for years to come but also talks about when to go to a professional. As a special bonus I have written a short section on what to look for when buying new jewellery. You can subscribe to our email now and you will be given the book when it is published, or you can wait for the grand give away unveiling!

 I already have ideas for a second e-book but for now I think it is time to get back to my first love, making jewellery.

Below is a new line by me, PASH Jewellery Design. The series features carved lotus chrysoprase flowers and sterling silver. They have been on display for almost two weeks and seem to be flying out of the store. All pieces in the line are under $100 so they make great holiday gifts for yourself and other people if they are lucky!