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Welcome back Tammy!
After a few months in Switzerland – working on a set for a play, no less! – Tammy is back with us at the bench, working on new pieces.
She works mainly with brass, silver, and wood, fabricating these amazing hollow forms that are heavy on style but light as a feather around your neck.
After fabricating the forms, she adds silver tubing through the centre for the chains to slide through. She then powder coats each shape in varying colours, which also adds texture and depth.
Her work is the subject of today’s save vs. splurge, and here are the pieces we are featuring:
This small pendant looks like an adorable hat box. It is a hollow form constructed in brass, and powder-coated in Tiffany blue. You can see the brass peeking through around the edges. There is silver tubing soldered through the centre for the chain. This beauty is a steal at $95.
 This statement necklace is a very worthwhile splurge at $425. There are three separate pieces here – the centre form is brass, while the two on the end are wood. The chain has a mechanical closure, and is made of sterling. I kind of think that this bold necklace is also a steal:)

These photos definitely do not do her pieces justice – I highly recommend stopping by the studio to take a look at these in person.
Happy shopping!

Save vs Splurge – Easter Edition:)

Happy Easter errybody! For today’s edition of Save vs Splurge, I decided to look at two necklaces by Gillian Batcher of Pash Jewellery Design.
Both of these beauties were made using the Mokume Gane method. If this is your first time hearing that term, here is a quick rundown: It is a Japanese metal-working technique, that involves the layering of different coloured metals, in order to achieve a laminate that resembles the grain of wood.
It is a time-consuming process, but the results are well worth the effort. See for yourself:
At first glance, the pendant is simple and classic. Yet upon closer inspection, you can see the complex and organic pattern that is a result of the Mokume Gane technique. This pendant is made from sterling silver and copper, and it retails in our studio at $195.
And look at this masterpiece! At first glance,what catches my eye is the graceful way this necklace cascades down the neck and collar. As I lean in more closely, I can see the texture and detail in each individual piece; the mix of the crochet and the mokume is very striking. This beauty retails at $4,600, and we’re open all day until 7pm so come in and try them both on!

Oh heeeey Alexis!

In case you don’t know Alexis Kostuk (of Glaciale jewellery design), I want to spend a moment giving you a glimpse into her goldsmithing goodness.
She is an all-around amazing artist, and her talent is more than visible in her carved pieces. Below are some of her statement rings that catch the eye in the best way possible.
The centre stone is a blue onyx, and it’s surrounded by white sapphires. This appeals to my art nouveau/deco-architecture-appreciating self in so many great ways.
This ring has a slightly different design than the one above, with a lapis centre (and don’t you just love lapis?!) and blue sapphires.
 Look at that turquoise! It sits atop a bed of sterling silver coral reef, with a peekaboo texture that perfectly complements the matrix of the stone.
Aren’t they lovely! Get your butts down here and just try to decide which one you like best. I dare you:)
ps – hi Rhonda!

Spotlight on Jewel Envy’s newest jeweller!

Welcome to Ivane Thiebaut!
She is an international goldsmith extraordinaire, who has joined us here in the studio via France. Ooh la la! Her work is feminine, without being overly delicate, and draws a lot of inspiration from nature. 
Here are my favourite pieces:
 How great is this?! I am a huge fan of torcs and collars, so no surprise that this appeals to me. But the lovely asymmetry, and the way it curves so gracefully around the neck – it probably appeals to you too!

Love this ring. It is very comfortable on the finger, and the little flash of green is perfect for spring. I also really enjoy the shape of the ring itself, a little bit unexpected but it works so well.
I encourage you all to come in and see these beauties for yourself! You might get lucky and see Ivane herself, working on new pieces just for you.
Have a great evening everyone!

Little pieces of me extend all over, bringing me joy!

I have been doing a lot of custom work lately and it’s made me reflect a little about my career choice. I absolutely love coming up with my own designs and seeing them come to life in finished pieces of jewellery. Yet there is something special about meeting with someone and sharing the process of how I design and create to then bring one of their ideas to life. The sharing of personal details is intimate and a bond is formed over this process.

Often people don’t think they are conveying enough detail when we meet to design something for them but there is more that goes into a design than just what you tell the artist. There are many nuances captured in how you speak, what you are wearing, and how you describe how you want to wear a piece of jewellery. Over time one learns to read between the lines to flush out each customer and what is important to them in the design.

This personal side of custom jewellery is what deeply appeals to me. Jewellery is meant to be treasured and seemingly in juxtaposition to our other acquired treasures, also worn. We bond with our jewellery just as we bond as a customer and maker. When a treasure I have created leaves the studio a little piece of me goes to a new home and in that act my work starts a new journey, one I can daydream about and feel proud to have been a part of. Little pieces of me exist all over, making my artistic heart soar!



Hyewon Jang
This is Hyewon, a wonderful goldsmith who works out of Jewel Envy. 
The following are all pieces from her Africa collection:
I love the contrast between the bold asymmetrical shapes, and the delicate colour of the stones. Plus, these stud earrings look like exclamation points don’t they!!!!!!!
The bright pop of colour at the bottom of these stepping stone earrings is just perfect. They’d look great with a black turtleneck in the winter, or a white t-shirt in the summer, amirite?!
Yet another great pair of earrings, with bold, asymmetrical detail and pretty pearls at the bottom. These tie in very nicely with a lot of other pieces that Hyewon makes, as she is very fond of pearls:)

Bet you thought it would be another pair of earrings! Nope, just the cutest lil’ pendant ever.
All Hyewon’s work is just as beautiful. Her pieces are delicate and strong at the same time, and she likes to play with shape and form in surprising ways. Gemstones and pearls add just the right amount of colour, and her work is always the perfect way to add ooh-la-la to any outfit. Come in and take a look!

Wrapping up 2015!


This will be one of the last posts of 2015 from us as we near Christmas and the stores closes for a few days to reopen in 2016. I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on what a wonderful year it has been for us here. It has been a year of welcoming new members to the space, exhibitions, and a dramatic increase in class enrollment. The studio has had a few scheduled upgrades to equipment and the building has also benefited from further exterior landscaping.

We have now been at 151 Marion St for just over 3 years and are an established part of Roncesvalles with directions being given as either north or south of the blue house. As a space that prides itself on genuine community connections we have supported many local fundraisers and installed a Little Free Library. Our LFL fosters a love of reading which helps cultivate curiosity and imagination; two very important ingredients in supporting the arts in all forms.

One of our members left for maternity leave while another is preparing for motherhood while continuing to work. As with every new year there is a feeling of hope and anticipation for what is to come. We know as a team we can rise to any occasion and have big plans to roll out over the next year. We are deeply thankful for the support we have received from each other, our loved ones, and you our customers.

Our wish for everyone in 2016 is to find joy and satisfaction in life, which is exactly how we feel when we see something we laboured over find a new and loving home with one of you. We hope to be able to continue to share in your special moments as these become part of our memories of the joys to look for in life.

There are only a few more days until Christmas so if we don’t see you in the store before then for last minute pick ups we hope to see you in the new year!

Love, peace, and joy to all,


Wedding band class

Hello everybody!
Are wedding bells in your future? If so, then perhaps you are in the market for a wedding band. In that case, look no further because we offer ring-making classes. Yay!
 These rings are fabricated from metal sheet. We have a 1-day band ring class where we teach you the skills and techniques to make one of these beauties yourself. Wowza!

These rings have been carved in wax, and are ready to be cast in the metal of your choice. We will teach you how to carve a ring, and once it’s cast we will show you how to make it shine:) This is a 2-day casting workshop. How coooooool??!
If you are loving the ‘custom’ aspect, but not interested in getting your hands dirty, never fear, because we love doing custom work for you:)
Come by and say hello, and sign up for a class or a consultation!

Holiday Countdown!

It’s that time of year again –  holiday wish list time!
I have put together a list of things that you may gift to me – or more appropriately, your own someone special:) – at a range of different prices.
So if you’re still scratching your head, wondering what to do, we can help you out no matter your budget. Stop by the studio and say hello, and take a look at some of our shiny, lovely jewellery for yourself!
From left to right (ish):
Sterling silver drop earrings with granulated texture, sapphires and aquarmarines, Ellen Tsai / Ellolite, $603 a pair
10K rose, yellow, and white gold stacking bands with hammered texture, Zsolt Szekely, $495 each
Sterling silver drop stem earrings with texture, Young Ko / Koko Bijoux, $125 a pair
Sterling silver oxidized, art deco pendant with marcasites, Lauren Hanham Jewellery Designs, $125 (incl. chain)
Sterling silver initial pendant (other letters upon request:), Alexis Kostuk / Glaciale, $195 (incl. chain)
10K rose gold rose studs, Amanda Henderson / Jewelust, $225 a pair (incl. backs)
Sterling silver oxidized cufflinks, Hyewon Jang / H Jewelry, $170 a pair
Sterling silver keychain, Helena Lafaurie / HP Lafaurie Jewelry Design, $148
Sterling silver twig rings, 3 rings shown here, some have gold plating detail, Gillian Batcher / Pash, $75 – $125 each
Sterling silver skull pinky ring with andalusites, Sasha Oda / Archerade, $180 each
Sterling silver ring with texture, Darija Radic Designs, $80 each
Sterling silver and leather cord safety pin bracelet, Fatima Tataragic / Tete Designs, $80

Happy shopping, friends!
xx sash

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