This weeks spotlight jeweller is Tammy McClennan!

Tammy’s work uses a combination of traditional metalsmithing techniques which she combines with some more industrial processes. She creates sculptural geometric pieces that are hollow and then instead of traditional metal finishing used in jewellery she powder coats them in her chosen colour palette.

If you are not familiar with powder coating, think big, like how cars are painted, your bicycle, and really most purchased painted metal objects!

What I find the most fascinating with this work is her integration of the findings (the parts that allow you to put on the necklaces and secure them in place. Hers are made specifically for her work and are simple enough to fabricate yet complex in how she worked them seamlessly into the design.

The clasp is a piece if tubing that a thick metal wire slots into. The geometric pieces sit on the tubing and are interchangeable amongst the necklaces. The actual necklace is steel cable further adding to the industrial look. Although the necklaces are large they are in fact light because they are hollow.

Next time you are in the store b sure to give these pieces a look and try them on!

Until my next entry,

Happy accessorizing!