Time back at school!

Hello Sunday Readers,
I have now some work for a client that love
tiny and beautiful pieces! This pair of white gold and diamonds earrings are in
my bench, I still have a lot of work to do before they will be chaining and beautiful.


Among the daily things I spend my time at
work, I have now some pieces that appertain a my “new time back at school”!
Yes, time to learn and enjoying having the opportunity of discovery and
cheer time with other goldsmiths and people that love doing jewelry as I do!
Never is too late to give yourself the time
to learn, I miss school so much! Having someone to tell you how to improve and
get better even if you have some knowledge, it’s a gift.
At the studio at Jewel Envy we give many different types
of classes, from beginning techniques to advanced ones, my class is called Gem
setting, it’s a eight weeks class, and my class mates and I, we are working
in the setting of stones in 3 rings, and 3 pendants, with synthetic sapphires,
rubies, garnets calibrated for the settings. We will get the burs for the
settings, and broken burs to make 2 specialized tools that will make gem
setting much easier.

My first class was last Tuesday, I have
already resized two of the three rings and give them the first cleaning, in the one we are
working now is this pendant with a bezel setting, my teacher Mauricio, one of
my coworkers will have next Tuesday more new tips to make look the synthetic sapphire like a real diamond! after the last polish I will have a gorgeous piece, still amassing to enjoy every one in gold or silver, with real or synthetic stones, all are beautiful and mean the world to me! 

I know, it sounds challenging but I’m having
great time. You can do it too, get more knowledge or learn new things! Come to
see us or look in our website, we always have something especially for you!
It’s now the best time ever,  give
yourself the chance to change a little bit the hectic live we run every day!
Have a nice Sunday.

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