Toronto, architecture and inspiration

I notice a lot of things, and I like looking at a lot of different sceneries.  One of my favourite (but not often enough exercised) things, is landscape photography.  In contrast, I’ve also always enjoyed looking at urban landscapes and appreciate intricate and interesting architecture.

As some of you may know, I lived in the UK for some time.  I had the privilege of doing a fair amount of traveling.  These are some of my favourites:

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, photo from wikimedia commons
Casa Batllo, Barcelona, photo from wikimedia commons
Musee D’Orsay, Paris,

I could show you a gazillion more, but I don’t have that kind of time to track down all my photos! But here’s just one more of a typical architectural feature that I used to constantly see around Scotland.

old church in Scotland

If you look at the upper left, you can notice a rather distinctive stepped gable edge. This is a Dutch architectural feature, sometimes called a crow-stepped gable or corbie gable, which occasionally you might notice if you wander Toronto looking at older houses and buildings.

When I first moved back to Toronto, I spent alot of time wandering the city getting to know it again. It was an incredible experience for me, and I spent alot of time just looking (and a little bit of capturing!). These are some of the things that have particularly caught my eye:

Now all of those shapes and features are rolling around somewhere in the back of my brain. Eventually, I’ll start sketching some new pieces based on all these features, and from there, develop them into new jewellery. Not sure when, but they’ll appear eventually. When they do, you can be sure that I’ll share them with you!

Intrigued? I know I am! I never quite know what my brain is going to come up with until it appears. Some things are like a bolt of lightning, others are like this–they need a certain amount of work before they become real designs!

Stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you all when the studio is open again. Want to connect sooner than that? Email the studio!

-Robin (House of Cassady)