Yes we work for ourselves but sometimes we work for other artists as well!

A little while ago Jewel Envy got an unusual referral from someone else in the field. We are no strangers to requests for unique jewellery, grills, and even musical instrument repair but this was for something unexpected…and wonderful.

A painter, Renee Klein, wanted us to use sterling silver cast elements to cover a picture frame in a particular way that she would then use in her painting. On the surface this request may seem rather mundane but when she brought in the pieces and described the scope of the work, the vision was transformed. The frame that we worked on was about 3′ x 2′ and would not have been all that extraordinary had that been the scope of the work. We learned in our meeting with Renee that this would only be a small part of a larger painting which really challenged our usual perception of scale in artwork.

One of our past resident goldsmiths Lauren Hanham  (she recently moved to Burlington, and we miss her daily) took on this project with insight and enthusiasm.

What amazed when presented with a picture of the final piece was the scale of the work and the vibrancy. I love how the interior picture frame captures your attention and draws you in for a close-up of flora, like a zoom lens, in the midst of the larger picture.

Thank you Renee for contacting us and letting us help bring your vision to your canvas!

For more of Renee’s work visit her site here: