Jewellery for your next Zoom Meeting

Simple things can help you deal with this pandemic now that you are working from home.  Nothing says more about your business than the way you present yourself.  Working from home might mean that you can become lazy about how you dress.

Now that you are in front of your computer for most of the work day, talking with your co-workers and clients, your upper body becomes a very important feature. Appropriate dress is a must and a soft makeup is always a good complement.

A nice pair of earrings can soften your face and emphasize what you are saying.

This pair of earrings are short, not overpowering, easy to wear with any outfit, pretty even if you are wearing your hair up.

A necklace is always nice, even more if you are close to the screen. It gives you an elongated neck and helps to complement your face. 

This necklace in silver, is a great addition to a blouse open neck or a nice top.

Last but not least a brooch is an excellent complement for any occasion at night and day not only at night. Brooches say a lot about a person. Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State in the U.S. from 1997 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton, has one of the most beautiful collections of brooches. She used them as a diplomatic tool. There were balloons, butterflies and flowers to signify optimism and, when diplomatic talks were going slowly, crabs and turtles to indicate frustration.

This is one of my brooches from a collection of butterflies, you can see at Jewel envy.

All the jewelry at Jewel Envy makes you look amazing.This and more is what we do!