Hello everyone :)

My name is Rosalyn. I joined Jewel Envy two weeks ago and I’m very excited about what I will create outside of school that will take me to the next level. I graduated from OCAD university in June where I studied jewellery design. By the time I finished my thesis year, on one hand, I wanted some break for myself after a period of intense work for graduate exhibition, but on the other hand, I kind of missed being in a jewellery studio where you can be creative and support each other’s creative ideas. I think Jewel Envy is a perfect place for me to start creating my own work as a professional artist/designer and be part of community. Every artist/designer in Jewel Envy seems very friendly like Gillian told me ūüôā 
Now I am working on a jewellery piece that connects from my thesis work. Also, I’m still mind mapping my theme for RED show. I know everyone started this long, long time ago and now getting to finish it. I guess the only way for me to be able to make it to the show with everyone is work harder! yes… I will.

The image shows the earrings I recently created with casted forget-me-not flowers in sterling silver. I will see you all this evening for the studio meeting. 


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