Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Fans (and geeks) Unite!

Back in the day when I first started playing dungeons and dragons, and watching Dr. Who (I named my cat Tegan after a character in Tom Baker’s version),  sci-fi fans quietly celebrated their fandom If you were lucky you stumbled upon a fellow fan and furtively exchanged recent Dr. Who plot lines and tips for developing your D&D characters.

Fast forward to 2016. Sci-fi and game play have muscled its their way into popular culture thanks to millions of fans not afraid to embrace their love for all things quirky and worthy of fanatic followers.

Here at Jewel Envy we have several resident goldsmiths that are fans of sci-fi, fantasy and games.  Lucky for us, goldsmith Amanda Henderson has brought together her love of jewellery and fandom to create stunning work under her signature company Jewelust.

Jewelust’s “Crack in Time and Space” ring in Sterling silver is a nod to the latest Dr. Who series.

Amanda’s work is unique and timeless, incorporating both craftsmanship of
handmade jewellery and her own interpretation of fan culture.

Amanda’s gorgeous interpretation of Elvish culture can be seen in the Sterling silver rings .

Fondly remember your Nintendo days? You can wear Jewelust’s Sterling silver (with diamond!) Gameboy around your neck.

You can see more of Amanda’s sci-fi and gaming inspired jewellery at this year’s Toronto Fan Expo  September 1-4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where she will be in Artist Alley with Zsolt Szekely her collaborator in Fandom Regalia.

One last peak at Amanda’s work–below are the Rupee Rings–her hommage to Zelda. 

Jewelust’s Rupee Rings in 10-karat yellow and rose gold yours for the taking at Fan Expo 2016

 See you at Fan Expo!


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