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Well, winter has definitely disappeared (okay, I won’t tempt fate, so I’ll say-for the moment). It’s supper sunny, so you’re probably all outside! In any case, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about a new piece I made, that is currently on exhibition in BC (yes, it’s done some traveling!), at the annual Craft Council BC Earring Show (you can browse the exhibition catalogue here, extra points if you spot fellow member goldsmith Edna Milevsky’s contribution too!).

I made these specifically to put forward for the Earring Show. In fact, I had intended to put them in last year, but I had some serious Covid malaise going on, and didn’t manage too. That’s okay, it meant my motivation this year was even higher to get them done!

Introducing Tumbling- sterling silver, cast and fabricated, with garnets, roller-printed texture and needled felt. They’re pretty epic at almost 12 g each, and about 3 inches long-they make a statement!

I’m guessing you all are acquainted with my immune cell obsession by now, so I’m sure it’s no big surprise that my piece is science-inspired!

All species have some form of immune system, however, the details are subtly different. The base of my Tumbling earrings is inspired by the shape of chicken red blood cells (which are nucleated, unlike mammalian red blood cells), and mammalian lymphocytes and monocytes. Each earring is constructed in two parts, joined by a hinge. The kinetic movement, and their asymmetric design are meant to give the impression of flow, reflecting the idea that cells in the blood are constantly on the move, and also attach and “tumble” along the inside of blood vessels.

Wax forms before casting for the individual base components.

Auditioning placement of the fabricated components.

I had to get a bit creative when I set the garnets to make sure the piece was supported enough! Lots of improv and making your own widgets in jewellery-making!

So, like I said, they’re currently on the other side of the country, but they’ll probably be back in June, so you can eyeball them in person! In the meantime, if you like the concept, but think something on a slightly smaller scale would suit you, come in and browse other work, or let’s have a conversation!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Robin (House of Cassady)

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