The Reasons You Shouln’t Work Out With Jewellery

I am something of a gym rat, and going every day of the week to the gym has exposed me to curious behaviors that otherwise will go unnoticed.

I saw a couple of girls on the stretching room ready to tackle a nice sweat session, and during the conversation that I was totally not eavesdropping, came the fact that one of them was wearing their engagement ring; this left me wondering how many people go through their exercise with jewellery on, and how bad it can be.

Seems obvious in my mind that you definitely should not wear jewellery during a workout, but there might be someone out there that will put vanity or emotion over logic, and keep their ring/earrings/necklace/etc…  

After giving it some thought I came up with some reasons why you should definitely not wear jewellery during a workout.

1. Jewellery is not indestructible:

We know some precious metals are very sturdy and tend to last longer than their cheap counterparts, white gold and platinum being the ones that resist more than any other; but that doesn’t make then impervious to damage.

The amount of material makes them somewhat fragile, and small details like prongs and settings can easily get bent, crushed or broken with little pressure; gemstones are at higher risk, some are very delicate and will crack with ease or can be forced out of the setting and get lost forever.

2. There is a risk of injury:

Rings and big dangling earrings can be a hazard during a workout; rings will generate discomfort while griping the equipment and the pressure can actually hurt your fingers; earrings that are too long can get tangled everywhere, poke you during certain movements or hit you during fast phased movements.

3. It can get lost:

Sweat will make your rings slip out of your fingers and a quick movement with your hand can send the ring flying and disappear forever, heavy earrings can fall, and chains will break; Jewellery is pricey, and you definitely don’t wasn’t to pay for your engagement ring again.

Stud earrings and piercing jewellery are fine, they are small and unlikely to get on the way during your workout session, but if you’re not sure, just have a bag or any container to put them in, place that on your gym bag with the rest of your jewellery, and put them in your locker (with a lock… please)

I hope this post reaches everyone that might need the pep talk and prevent some sad moments about lost jewellery or injury; specially you girl from my gym, your ring is really nice.

Have an amazing Sunday,



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