It’s a blue day!

Okay, actually, it’s sort of a snowy day, but white has blue in it too :). Blue is my favourite colour, and it fits my mood this week, so here’s a curated collection of blue from the studio (all available for sale!).

Left, moving in a circle: Blue lapis rings (round and diamond) by Shafiq’s Jewelry, Blue acrylic flower earrings (with sterling hooks) by Edna Milevsky, Blue sapphire/sterling leaf ring by Handmade Revolution, Lapis bead T-bar pendant with needled felt by House of Cassady, Blue topaz flower bracelet by Frekkel Designs, Lapis seashell wrap ring by Glaciale Goldsmith.

Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you’re doing, and hope to see you soon!

-Robin. (House of Cassady)